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We created Lymbus to bridge the gap between athletes and their commitments outside of their sporting achievements.

Today, we’re an agency that places nature, people and our values front and centre. We represent brands, athletes and organisations that seek to promote a more responsible approach to the outdoors.

Together, we foster connections, share their messages and grow their reputation, connecting them with audiences looking for meaningful partners.

we are people

Above all, we are people
We want to enjoy the outdoors. So we use flexible workflows and encourage workplace models where we can collaborate effectively whilst living anywhere in the world. 

The power of teamwork
Collaboration is essential to the way we work. We employ a horizontal management style that helps us take decisions to improve our processes, our teams and our future.

we are OUTDOOR

Nature is our purpose
Our love of the outdoors is why we do what we do. We’ll always be committed to improving and protecting it responsibly.

Nature is our playground
We’ve spent the last ten years working on outdoor projects, so we know the industry (inside and out).

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Responsible growth

We encourage an environment that leads to sustainable, long-lasting and dedicated growth for our partners, teams and the entire outdoor community.

Purposefully small

 As a small team, we can offer a unique, personalised service for all of our projects. If it’s outside of our capacity, we’ll tap into our trusted network of collaborators to provide you with a comprehensive service.

Partners, not clients

We make our partner’s goals our own and pave the way together. We work from a mutual foundation of transparency and respect.



If you are an athlete, partner or want to be part of our team, don't hesitate to contact us: