Trends End of Year report pitching in press

The brief

Strava is a social network for athletes with 40 million users worldwide. Born in San Francisco, since 2015 it trusts us to manage communication in Spain. Annually, the platform prepares an extensive report that collects data on the Spanish and world athletes. From Lymbus, we study every year the best way for the report to have the greatest possible impact in press and reinforce Strava brand awareness in Spain. 

The result

The report contains a large number of data on how the athlete is: what sport he practices, how his activities are, if he trains alone or in a group, if he meets his goals ... From the beginning, when it comes to disseminating the report to the press, we bet to differentiate according to the type of media and impact each profile only with the information that really fits with its editorial line. In addition, to avoid saturating the journalist with a lot of data and losing the focus of interest, in 2018 we also bet on dividing the information and making different press releases distributed throughout the year, linking the data to significant local dates or stories.

+42% Hits in press (2016-2018)
45% Hits in nacional and local media (2018)
+35,01% SOV Strava


Choosing and segmenting the information according to the type of media, focusing on the data that allow us to tell more local stories and impacting the press at different times of the year, resulted in pieces of higher quality and more hits.