Production for photoshooting

The brief

The Finnish application Sportstracker of running, cycling and fitness contacts us to perform the general shooting of the brand in Barcelona.

Taking into account that a team of 3 people will come, including the photographer and the camera, we will manage:

- Search locations

- Search accommodations

- Movement coordination

- Hourly coordination

- Hiring models

- Coordination between the parties involved

The result

Outdoor images of Sportstracker Global for use over the next 2 years both offline and online.

Both in the city and in the mountains, practicing trail running and MTB with different models.


The main objective of shooting with Sportstracker was that they only had to focus in executing and making the images.

For our part, we take care of accompanying them in all the places, that there were the models and that they had the hotels where to rest reserved.

Despite the meteorological conditions that threatened the initial planning, we were able to adapt and comply with the stipulated timings.