A circular communication campaign


The Agencia Catalana de Turisme proposes us to create a big communication campaign to promote the destination of Catalonia through the athlete Kilian Jornet.

The result

Together with a single advisor such as Kilian Jornet, we created the "Catalonia Pyrenees Explorer" campaign, which we focus on both an international and local audience. Four online activations were carried out over three months, in which we generated different impacts to our target.

The campaign aimed to respond to different problems that we found in social media campaigns, and through its four phases we were able to solve:

  • Circular campaign: The elements of each phase have continuity in the whole of the action and the targets are impacted on more than one occasion throughout the campaign. In this way, the target does not lose interest.


  • Not only matters the prize: The main point of the campaign was the opportunity to gain an experience in the Pyrenees with Kilian Jornet. However, we create other phases in the campaign, so the user could not lose interest if he has not won.


  • Double target: The initial target are potential visitors to the Pyrenees. However, we do not want to forget the local population and that is why we make them part of the campaign, making them advisors and content generators (UGT).


  • Product that lasts: With the recommendations of the locals we create a tourist guide; a product that will continue when the campaign is over: cataloniapyreneesexplorer.com
4 fases for a 360º campaign
19K participants
+700 posts in social networks with the hashtag #guiapirineus
1 Guia Pirineus

Award “Mejor acción de comunicación 2018” from Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya