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In Lymbus, we are specialists in projects related to sports and outdoor. A few weeks ago, our playing field was a paddle tennis court. There, we were in charge of the production and shooting of the new collection #WilsonxBela. Racquets, clothes, shoes... designed jointly by Wilson and Fernando Belasteguín, a real paddle tennis legend.

On September 7, Wilson launched the collection #BELA, which can already be purchased here. We are very excited to finally show you the result of those shooting days together with Fernando Belasteguín and Wilson in which we captured a line of products that are the result of the union of two icons of racket sports. 




With this video, which we produced for Wilson, the brand and Fernando Belasteguín shared for the first time images of the final design of the new Wilson Bela Pro shovel. It was one of the most awaited moments, the new collection was revealed.


Wilson Bela Pro from Lymbus on Vimeo.