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Are you one of those people who log every bike ride, every run, even every time you do yoga? Then you might be one of those 95 million athletes subscribed to Strava.

Today we want to tell you about one of our goals this year, as Strava agency, and is that a couple of weekends ago was published in La Vanguardia, an interview with the CEO and co-creator of Strava: Michael Horvath.

As we said, one of our goals this year and in the coming years is, apart from publicizing the application, to present the two founders of Strava and position them as leaders in the sector not only in sports, but also in technology and start-ups.

The article, apart from introducing Michael Horvath and talking about how the idea of creating the platform came up, shows very interesting data that make us realize how Strava has grown and the relevance it has in the sports sector, both globally and in Spain: number of users, profiles of well-known sportsmen and women who have the app, etc.

Strava arrived in Spain years ago, we work with them since 2015 (already 6 years ago, how time passes!) and that is why we can assure you that until the application has not been more popular in the country it has cost to generate interest in its founder in a generalist media such as La Vanguardia. 

Now there is still a long way to go and many more interviews so that even your father knows Strava (if he doesn't already). For now you can enjoy this first interview that, in case you didn't know, was published both on the web and in physical format.

And you, what would you ask Michael Horvath? And, above all, don't forget to upload your activity to Strava :).