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We've been working with Strava for a few years now, a social network for athletes where they connect with each other, share their workouts, celebrate each other's achievements, discover adventures and of course analyse their efforts and progress. 

Strava has a community of more than 80 million athletes in 195 different countries around the world and is growing at a rate of 2 million new users per month. Millions of activities are uploaded to Strava every week, ranging from training to prepare for a first 10k to an ascent of Everest.  

At Lymbus we are working to give the platform a greater presence in the press; whether it's through the dissemination of new features, stories that have emerged on the app or daily contact with journalists interested in finding out more about Strava.

But a few months ago we have grown and taken on new challenges: the management of the Strava Club Spain.

The clubs within the platform are very powerful tools to build local and global networks of athletes, both professional and amateur. It also gives the organiser the possibility to publish different content (apart from activities), organise events, share different routes or even promote campaigns. 

Since March 2021 we are taking care of the management of this club; we translate the materials we receive from Strava International, we look for new inspiring stories, we make the publications in the app and we dynamise the community.

We would like to highlight that the club already has 5,687 members, we are growing and from Lymbus we are very motivated with this new challenge.

And you, are you already part of the Strava Club Spain?