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Our day-to-day life is spent remotely. No fixed office as we explained in this article

In the following manifesto we share our vision of how we want to move forward as a company.

The manifesto is grouped into 4 pillars that must work together:

  • TIME


Time is limited and we want to invest it effectively.

  • Yes to effective, short, prepared meetings

We've all had the long meetings where you think, "Is it worth it to be here?", "Couldn't we have done it by e-mail?", "How do we move forward with all the talking?"

We, uh, want to avoid repeating them.

Yes to the meetings, but asking ourselves:

- Who has to attend and why? The people who are really needed. 

- How long should it last? If we have prepared, we set ourselves the challenge of 30' meetings, being able to lengthen them when we think it is necessary and useful.

- What decisions should we make? At the end of the meeting we finish with deadlines + responsible people.

  • Urgent! Very important!

Very urgent! For tomorrow! Very important!

We have all asked for something for right now and we have all lived to be asked.

We want to make the reflection of "Is there no other solution than to get to work on this now? Can't it wait until tomorrow? Couldn't it have been planned?"

If all the answers are NO: we have an emergency… so let's go for it :)

In all other cases, we can improve with a good planning:

  • Establishing delivery dates
  • Setting concrete objectives
  • Defining the responsible people
  • Making the information flow

We want to work to improve processes to be more effective and improve results.


  • Why?

Answering this question will help us move in the right direction. If we want to do an action we must first think about why we want to do it and what the objective is.

Asking the right questions at the right stage can save us a lot of headaches later in the project.

Why a digital action and not a paper one? Why a video and not another support?

Question constructively as a rule, to be clear about the final objective.

  • The importance of the briefing

It is difficult to reach a destination without clear directions, the chances of getting lost are many.

If, on the contrary, we have spent time preparing, we can design a route, possible alternatives, and even time of arrival ;)

The same goes for the project briefings. It is very difficult to achieve a satisfactory overall result if all parties are not clear about what is needed and what they want to achieve.

Investing time to think about what we want, how we want it and how we will value success will increase the chances of achieving the desired result, and arrive safely at your destination.


Working remotely allows us to work from wherever we want, being able to dedicate more quality time to our people, and to the activities that fill us.

We want to enjoy the responsibility of organizing our time and our priorities.

  • Synchronous VS Asynchronous

Working remotely we don't want to simulate office work. Neither in terms of schedules, nor in terms of day management.

Therefore, we divide the workday into two parts: synchronous workday and asynchronous workday.

Synchronous for the hours when we are all connected and active simultaneously, making video calls, sharing feedback. These are moments when we give ourselves the necessary dose of interaction.

Asynchronous for the rest. Moments in which we do not need to be working all at the same time, but allows us to work at the moment that we perform best.

Some in the morning, some in the afternoon. There are those who, after having a lunch break, after doing sports...

These are moments that we organize ourselves in the most appropriate way and that help us to find a balance between our personal and professional lives. We think that by being happy everything is easier ;)

  • Yes to face-to-face meetings  

Remote = The standard

Face-to-face meetings = The exception

The fact is that at certain times we want to see each other, we like to share and work together. Working on projects in person when necessary, scheduling events and meetings.

With the athletes, with the clients, and with each other.

Because these moments of quality are also the ones that make progress.


Evolution is part of people. People make up companies.

We want to continue marking our way towards an outdoor where we can enjoy and work.

A responsible and happy evolution.

If you have any recommendations for us, we will be happy to read them here :)