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We are Lymbus. We are Sport. We are Remote.

We like the outdoors. Feeling active. Productive.

We want to make the outdoor world grow. 

We want to grow our own. The athletes, the clients. 

We want to look ahead and move forward responsibly.

Growing up responsibly means:

  • Taking time to think before you execute
  • Time to ask the right questions to see the path clearly.
  • Means a positive attitude to face challenges.

Above all, we want to invest adequately the most important resource we have, time. Not only ours, but also that of our athletes, clients and colleagues.

In a world where everything goes very fast, it is sometimes difficult to find the moment to reflect on where we are going, which path we should take and, above all, why?

In Lymbus, we have decided to work on REMOTE. We don't want a fixed office.

We want to change commuting to work for quality time. Reduce stress and gain in happiness, in rest, in sport, in family, in friends.

To change the traditional dynamic for the one of the constructive criticism, the one of the clear objectives, the one of the effectiveness.

Evolve to be more sustainable and responsible with our environment.

We want to work happily, actively, knowing that we are investing our time, in a qualitative and responsible way to grow and make grow.  

If our mission is to grow the outdoor, what better than to have more time to enjoy it, take care of it and be inspired by it?

With these bases we want to be closer to the customers, the athletes, the outdoor.


Lymbus 2020


You can read our full manifesto at this link.