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“Over the years, you learn that in this life it is very good to get your dreams and your goals, but if one of the four legs fails, that chair falls to the ground"

This is one of Pau Capell's quotes in the conversation he had with Javi Sancho in the first chapter of the #houseofsuunto series. Lymbus has collaborated with Suunto Spain to get ready a content that get into the figure of one of the best mountain runners of the moment.

The idea of ​​Suunto Spain was to carry out a different interview in a cozy space where the protagonist felt at home. Both, Javi Sancho and Pau Capell made it very easy and we shape the content.

The result: a sincere and entertaining ten-minute conversation that immerses itself in everything that surrounds an athlete of the stature of Pau Capell. In it, Pau explains the bittersweet feeling he had when he won the UTMB in 2019 and the importance of working the mind in long-distance races.

All of this caught the attention of sports media such as Marca, who published the video and wrote a news item on their website.