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Our day-to-day life is spent remotely but, although we believe in this system 100%, we are still in the process of learning, of finding the best formula to do it.

A few weeks ago, we decided to reactivate the face-to-face meetings once a month between us and to meet, more than to work, to share time together enjoying sport and the outdoors. 

Why? We are a small team and when we saw each other day by day in the office it was easy to chat, to explain how we were doing beyond work or to go out for a drink or an afternoon run together.  With the remote, we are on the way to learning how not to lose that atmosphere, that complicity between us that we believe is also a value we have as a company. 

During the confinement, some of us led virtual classes and, so far, throughBasecamp, the tool we use to organize ourselves, we ask ourselves week by week what we have done over the weekend; what book we liked; what podcast or series we are hooked on... It is a way of staying connected and sharing digitally some of the things we told each other when we got to the office. 

However, we were aware that we were missing something else but with the pandemic and the covid we didn't want to rush too much.  After discussing it together, we decided that from now on, every 30 days, following all the Covid 19 prevention measures, we will travel to the city of one of the team members to enjoy sport and the outdoors together. Last Friday we made our debut: we went on our first "outing", to Terrassa. We shared a breakfast while we did a group dynamic, we went hiking to la Mola and, afterwards, we enjoyed two delicious rice dishes accompanied by vermouth, wine, beer and water :). 

We went over how old everyone is again -we love it-; we discovered new friends in common; we talked about Nomadland or we got involved in a good debate about electric bikes. Also, in the last few months we've had some new additions to the team and it was a good way to get to know each other again after seeing each other behind the screen.

One of the phrases that accompanies us when we introduce ourselves as Lymbus is We are people. We are people. Normal people, we would add. And we like to keep this in mind because we always want people and the wellbeing of each one of us to be at the centre. That's why we think that moments like these are also the ones that make us move forward.

The next trip, in a month's time, will take us to Osona. Stay tuned!

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