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A few days ago we told you in this article that we have decided to work on remote, without a fixed office. Thus, if before we coordinated oruselves to define the 2 days of the week in which we did 'home office', now we check our agendas to book some days for team meetings.

When it's necessary, whether to talk and work on a specific project or topic, we meet for a few hours or a few days in a common space. In addition, every 3 months, we hold 3-day meetings to review the goals for the quarter, establish new ones and, above all, to be together and enjoy the outdoors doing sports.

Why? We believe that it is important to take care of ourselves as a team, share moments together and not lose contact. Now, we have left behind the days when we used to laugh at the one who never took a tupper to the office, but we have replaced them with 3 days where we spend time together, go on an hike, do a paddle tournament or a yoga session.

A few days ago, after four complicated months, we made our debut with the first meeting. For 3 days we share meals, sports and meetings in Girona. Why there? For a year, we have been working with the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board, managing the Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona social networks and the Club Natura project. Thus, we wanted to return to the territory together.

Apart from working a bit and brainstorming ideas for new projects, during the morning and afternoon, we set aside several hours to do sports together. Many of us have engaged in yoga in recent months, so we organized several sessions to discover this practice for those who did not know it yet.

Also, we shared a road cycling ride: for one of us it was the first time. I don't know if it was the route - from Llagostera to Sant Feliu de Guíxols- or the company, but she can't think about anything else now! 

Also, there was time for paddel tennis 'games' that were rather friendly, swimming baths and dinners near the sea, as well as to celebrate the future arrival of the first Lymbus baby and welcome new members to the team. In conclusion? It was three days of being together, teaming up, working on new ideas and celebrating that we are doing well.