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At Lymbus we want to grow outdoor in a responsible way. And that also means working to make our work processes as sustainable as possible. We want to become a carbon neutral company and that is why we have partnered with GreeMko to be aware of our carbon footprint.

GreeMko is the first software that allows you to automatically capture your environmental performance, including your carbon footprint, in just a couple of clicks. It is a very easy to use tool on the road to sustainability. 

In 2020 our carbon footprint was 11.7 (tn CO2eq) while in 2019 it stood at 36.6 (tn CO2eq), reducing by 68%. Until the beginning of 2020 we worked 2 days from home but we already had in mind to work 100% remotely. The Covid accelerated a decision that was already underway. Above all, we want to invest properly the most important resource we have, time, and evolve to be more sustainable and responsible with our environment as explained here.

In addition to commuting, we have reduced our carbon footprint in business travels by 37.5% year on year.

We are not perfect but we want to continue taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment and apply any measure that is beneficial to the environment. Therefore, we are now looking for a project with which to compensate our footprint: national, international, certified, tree planting, renewable energy...   Can you give us some ideas to compensate it and keep improving?