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Did you know that, besides working with athletes and doing PR projects, we also produce audiovisual content?

We premiered in 2012 'A Fine Line', the first film of the Summits of My Life project, and we haven't stopped since. You can learn more about our audiovisual projects here.

Script, production, filming, editing... From Lymbus, we shape ideas and adapt them to new formats and audiovisual trends whether it is to create a film, a documentary or a piece for social networks.

Now that a summer that will be atypical for all of us is starting, we want to show you 10 of our productions and explain you where and how to watch them!

1. Déjame Vivir

Available on Vimeo

Déjame Vivir en Español from Summits of My Life on Vimeo.

This July marks the seventh anniversary of Kilian Jornet's speed record on Mont Blanc, which we captured in 'Déjame vivir', the second film of Summits of My Life project, which is available this month for only 4.57 euros, the same amount of time Kilian spent climbing and descending Mont Blanc. 

2. Path to Everest

Available on Rakuten TV, Prime Video, Vimeo, Itunes

3. Inside Kilian Jornet

Available on Rakuten TV

4. Aneto. La Historia de un tiempo

Available on Vimeo, Amazon Prime Vídeo

5. Being an athlete and a new mum

Available for free on Youtube

6. Testing Ourselves

Available for free on Youtube

7. SER

Available for free on Youtube

8. Troll Wall

Available for free on Youtube

9. Ordesa, cerrando el círculo

Available for free on Youtube

10. 4 in a row

Available for free on Youtube