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One of the essential parts that make up what Lymbus is, is the work done with professional athletes in the field in which we specialize, the outdoor. Currently, we work with 13 elite athletes from different disciplines that you can discover here. Without a doubt, the collaboration with our athletes is part of our DNA, we have always done it, and it is one of our differential points.

We do not like to define ourselves as managers of an athlete. We like to explain that we are part of the athlete's team. He always decides, our role is to make things easier for him. The objective is always that the athlete can focus on training and competing and we take care of the rest of the things. Lymbus' director Jordi Lorenzo talked about it in this interview in the podcast 'INSIDE Sports Business' that you can listen here.

You can also find out more about it in this interview with the head of Lymbus athletes, Mireia Miró, in Temps d'Aventura: watch it here.

What do we do from Lymbus?

  • Managing its sports career
  • Relationship of the athlete with the brand
  • Searching for new opportunities
  • Growth plans
  • Personal projects
  • Management of shootings and events
  • Advice on social media
  • PR and Media Plans 

We work with our athletes on a global way. We create campaigns and communication strategies, manage the relationship with their brands, participate in the management of their events and personal projects... Also, we collaborate with other friendly athletes, whom we support in the development of their careers to offer them more opportunities and visibility.