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Last year Kilian Jornet spent 24 hours skiing to discover how much positive elevation he could add in one day.

And you, have you done something for 24 hours?

With this idea in mind and audiovisual material that we had registered, the idea was born to create a social media campaign with Suunto to start a conversation about whether we dedicate enough time to what we are passionate about.

Thus, in a first video we organically launched a question to Kilian's followers: What would you do for 24 hours? We encourage them to explain it to us, choose to win a Suunto watch and be protagonists of a brand clip.

In the end, some of them got a good surprise after receiving a call from Kilian. Their story, and that of some other followers who explained to us what they would dedicate 24 hours, we picked it up in a second piece of video.