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“I think the best we can do on a grassroots level is to think what we can do, depending the situation we live in. Here I will share some of my commdments” 


Reduce, reuse, recycle. It can be applied on literally everything. I learned that in kindergarten and the 3 ‘r’s have stuck with me since then (good job school!) 

What grows, lives

Eat plant based. Eat seasonal. Buy dry beans and lentils. Never buy anything in a can. Make oat milk. I planted trees too on a little logging site we got. 

Buy organic

One more reason to buy organic, as non organic farms use pesticides that kill the insects and bees. Without them, no pollination. No pollination; no greens.

At home 

Choose a renewable electric utility. Close the warming during the night. All lights too. When you use the owen, make a lot at the same time. Take quick showers. All light bulbs - energy friendly. Detergents: eco or home made. Full dishwashing and washing machine

Do it!

Forage wild greens and berries, fruits if it’s allowed where you live. Then do it! Freeze, make jam, syrup, dry fruits. Choose organic! It's so important to support farmers that are not using pesticides, as pesticides destroy the living ecosystem. Plant a garden if you have the possibility.

Reduce plastic

I find this one pretty difficult as almost all greens that are organic are covered in plastic up here. I try to find options. Changing the toothbrush, combos dishwashing brush to wood.