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One of the pillars of Lymbus is to grow outdoor in a responsible way: we want to make outdoor known, but also to work together to be as sustainable as possible.

Last year we wanted to calculate our carbon footprint for the first time in order to compensate and become a carbon neutral company. Thus, in 2020 our carbon footprint was 11.7 (tn CO2eq) while in 2019 it was 36.6 (tn CO2eq), a reduction of 68%. 

Once calculated, we wanted to find a project to offset that was in line with our values. We selected a few projects and did an internal vote. All the projects had three things in common: they were local initiatives, related to environmental protection and with which we could become environmental donors and thus certify the offset. 

After the internal voting, we decided to donate our compensation to Projecte Boscos de Muntanya, which promotes the maintenance, care and protection of the forest and the landscape in the mountain area through forestry and forest management actions in the Catalan Pyrenees. They also work to raise awareness of the importance of conserving forests through volunteer projects where interested people can get to know and work directly in the environment.

Among all their projects, we will collaborate with the project "Massís de l'Orri", a volunteer project for adults that works on forest management and the maintenance of high mountain pastures around the Port Ainé ravine and the Orri massif. These natural spaces are part of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, an area with large tracts of forest, where the foundation carries out different tasks. One of the most special areas is above 1,800m, where black pine forests predominate. This is home to the Pyrenean capercaillie, a large bird threatened by the degradation of its habitat. This volunteer project also aims to protect and enhance these environments so that this magnificent animal can continue to live.

We are very happy to be able to contribute to a local project that combines direct action with awareness and education, pillars that we believe are fundamental in the protection of the environment. In addition, registrations for the work camp have just opened, so if you want to collaborate, don't hesitate to visit their website!

In the end, our goal is to grow the outdoors in a responsible way, so any step we take to be more conscious as a company and make a commitment to the future is welcome.