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In Lymbus we love mountains, outdoors, nature and all the sensations that we enjoy on them. That is why our athlete Emelie Forsberg is the creator of the design of the new Lymbus cup, which wants to reflect all these concepts that she loves. 

Mont-Blanc (4,810 m) in the French Alps, Pedraforca (2,506 m) in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, Venjetind (1,852 m) in Norway and Tuolpagorni (1,662 m) in Sweden are the summits that Emelie chose to illustrate her cup. With all of them she has a special relation and, they are accompanied by a starry sky, the sun and the moon, elements that take part in any outdoor adventure and also in her everyday life. 

If you would like to have these cups in your home, you can get them on the Outdoor Lovers website, where you can also find other products related to the outdoors. 

Lymbus cups for any occasion

This is the fourth edition of the Lymbus cups, a project that started in 2015, and that brings together everything we are passionate about. Our initial team of athletes along with Kilian Jornet and Clàudia Galicia, have been the inspiration for the other three editions of the cups. In addition, the cup designed by the Catalan athlete can be found and purchased on the Outdoor Lovers website. 

But why a cup? Because it is a simple element, something that everyone has at home. Cups accompany us both in business meetings and in our free time chatting with friends, when waking up in the morning, before going to bed or after a long winter day out in the mountains. We hope that these cups can also share many moments with you!