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After nine months of pregnancy, resting and recovering after birth, Suunto ambassador Emelie Forsberg is training again in the mountains and fjords of Norway where she and her partner Kilian Jornet live a life filled with adventure.

True to her background in seasonal farming, gardening and eating, Emelie understands well there is a season for everything, and is taking her time to come back to elite mountain running and skiing form.

“I don’t push my boundaries because I prefer to take small steps and to do it really healthy and slow,” she says. “That might mean my way back will be longer, but that’s who I am. I would regret it so much if I took too big a step and got injured. I want to take things slow.”

Watch below and see how Emelie is balancing the joy of being a new mum with finding her legs again as one of the best mountain athletes on the planet.

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