Clàudia Galicia


Clàudia Galicia began in elite sports almost by chance. In 2013, she won a contest to participate in the Titan Desert, a six-stage mountain bike event that takes place in the Sahara desert. Not only did she won the contest, but she was proclaimed champion almost unprepared.

This way she started a path that has led her to combine her passion for both wheels with ski mountaineering, obtaining titles in both disciplines. In fact, Galicia already knows what it is taking control of gold at the World Mountain Skiing Championship, and she has also been able to proclaim the XCM European runner-up in its role as a biker.

In addition, Galicia did not want to abandon his professional career and combines her work as a technical architect with international training, competitions and trips.

Track record

  • 1st General. Ski mountaineering World Cup 2019

  • 1st Ski Mountaineering World Championships. Sprint 2019

  • 2nd Ski Mountaineering World Championships. General 2019

  • 2nd Ski Mountaineering World Championships. Relays. 2019

  • 20 podiums Ski mountaineering World Cup

  • XCM European champion. 2017

  • Rioja Bike Race. 5 times winner 

Projects with Lymbus

  1. Clàudia Galicia MTB Camp