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Kilian Jornet

After being introduced to outdoor activities from a very early age, Kilian Jornet has 
developed a natural aptitude for adventure and physical challenges. Six times winner of the Skyrunning World Series, Jornet has achieved victories in legendary competitions, in both ski mountaineering and skyrunning.

Kilian’s bond with the mountain and his passion for pushing his limits is the driving force behind the development of his personal project Summits of My Life.

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Figures May 2018

We’ve been working together for a few years and besides the professional side what I enjoy the most is their passion to start new projects, and how with just a call “I want to change something” Summits Of My Life was born. And of course I can’t forget all the times they have given me clothes because I lost my suitcase, or when they call me when I’m lost in some mountain to warn me that I should head back because I’ve got an interview!

Kilian Jornet

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