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Clàudia Galicia

Clàudia Galicia is a mountain athlete who competes in MTB in the summer and in the ski mountaineering in the winter. She combines her passion for sport with her working life as an architect. Galícia has always pursued the values of adventure, sacrifice and opportunity to know new places.

In MTB, she has won twice the Titan Desert while in ski mountaineering she has achieved podium in various World Cup races.

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Figures May 2018

Lymbus has helped me in everything that an athlete can’t do! It’s a pleasure to rely on their support both inside and outside races! I hope we’ll keep it like this for many years!

Clàudia Galícia

Lymbus & Clàudia

Media coverage

Cmd Sport  |  2017

Megamo ficha a Clàudia Galicia para su equipo UCI MTB

MTB y más  |  2017

Gran éxito del primer MTB Camp femenino de Claudia Galicia

Evasión  |  Spain  |  2015

Entrenando con Clàudia Galicia

Más que bici  |  2017

Claudia Galicia, estrella del esquí de montaña en invierno y del MTB el resto de temporada

Diario Marca  | Spain | 2016

Una vida entre esquís, biciletas y planos

Trail Run  |  Spain  |  2015

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