Summits of My Life

One trip to the Himalayas, two challenges

By | Uncategorized | Apr 24 2017

Kilian Jornet is travelling to the Himalayas intending to conquer two summits: Cho Oyu and Everest. Jornet will spend the first two weeks on Cho Oyu with Emelie Forsberg. In mid-May Jornet will decamp to the north face of Everest, where he will attempt the ascent that will complete Summits of My Life, his personal project

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Kilian Jornet, a summer dedicated to Everest

By | Uncategorized | Apr 13 2016

Over the next few months Kilian Jornet will focus on the final challenge of Summits of My Life: climbing Everest. Jornet expects to take part in two trail races, Zegama and Hardrock, and dedicate the remaining time to altitude training, climbing and acclimatization, the latter at the end of summer.

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