The Zegama-Aizkorri 2018 on Strava

The Zegama-Aizkorri 2018 on Strava

The Zegama-Aizkorri 2018 on Strava

Rémi Bonnet gives the surprise to take the victory in Zegama and marks an average pace of 5: 32 / km, marking his fastest kilometer in 39, the slowest in the climb to Aizkorri and achieving a KOM in the climb to Aratz [ See activity]

Stian Angermund, second, registered in 2017 a new record of the test and in this 2018 he exceeded his own record in the segment of the final section of entrance to Zegama. The Norwegian ran the 42km at an average pace of 5: 45 / km [See activity]

The top three finishers – Bonnet, Angermund and Bartlomiej Przedwojewski – are up on Strava. Among the women, the Spanish Sheila Avilés -fifth- also raises her career and runs at an average of 6: 53 / km [See Flybys]

Rémi Bonnet has given the surprise this weekend and has taken the victory in the Zegama-Aizkorri with a time of 3:53:56. The Swiss has uploaded his activity to Strava and among the data offered by his record highlights the average pace he scored, of 5: 32 / km. It was at km 39, arriving almost at the end of the race, when Bonnet registered his km at a faster pace: 3: 18 / km. The Swiss, although he suffered ramps in the last stage of the race, ran between km 31 and 42 at an average pace of less than 4: 00 / km, taking advantage of the fact that it was a section with a negative slope.

In addition, in the Bonnet activity we find other significant data:

– It established a KOM in the segment of the ascent to Aratz: in its 1’50km and 273m D +, he ran at a rate of 8: 58 / km, completing it at 13:30. The Swiss exceeded in this segment the record that in 2017 Stian Angermund achieved, when he set a new record in the Basque marathon that is still intact (3:45:08)
– Bonnet has managed to be placed in the top 3 of the best times in up to 13 segments. One of the most outstanding is the following: 2nd best time in Sancti Spiritu Climb: with a pace of 9: 36 / km completing the 0’18km in 1:47; faster than Stian Angermund in 2017 (9: 41 / km, 1:48)

Stian Angermund: the king at the entrance to Zegama
The Norwegian Stian Angermund made history in 2017 by setting a new record in the Zegama-Aizkorri marathon (3:45:08). This time, Salomon’s runner came in second with a time of 3:55:26. Angermund has uploaded his activity to Strava [see here] and ran on Sunday at an average pace of 5: 45 / km [in 2017 he did it at 5: 22 / km] and set his fastest pace at km 38 (3: 20 / km) and its slowest pace in 21 (12: 44 / km), right on the climb to Aizkorri after passing Sancti Spiritu.

Despite running at a lower average pace than in 2017, Angermund managed to improve on some stage of the race: in the segment that reflects the last kilometers and the entry to Zegama the Norwegian marked a new best time and stayed with the KOM. He ran the 6.98km and 500m D- at a pace of 3: 46km, completing them at 26:19 [faster than last year, when he did it at 27:06 to 3:53]. The Norwegian flew in the last kilometers, cut distances with Bonnet but had to settle for the second place finish.

In the Flybys of Strava we can see in detail how Zegama was for other outstanding runners like Bartlomiej Przedwojewski (3rd), Marc Lauesntein (4th), Max King (6th), Thibaut Baronian (7th), Ruy Ueda (9th). In the female category, highlights the activity of the Spanish runner Sheila Aviles who was fifth in 4:53:44. Aviles ran at an average pace of 6: 53 / km and took 6 QOMS in six of the test segments.