The Salomon Run repeats success with more than 2,800 runners in Montjuïc

The Salomon Run repeats success with more than 2,800 runners in Montjuïc

The Salomon Run repeats success with more than 2,800 runners in Montjuïc

The Salomon Run has exhausted one more year all its available numbers and has fascinated the runners with the passage through the Olympic Stadium and the Poble Espanyol

Mohamed El Ghazouany (33’38 ”) and Irene Batlle (39’57 ”): record and victory in men’s and women’s category

Nil Llarden and Alba Manzano win in the Salomon Run Vertical: a spectacular sprint that ended one morning with trail spirit in Barcelona

Fun, different, special … An urban race, with trail spirit. It is the formula for the success of the Salomon Run which, in its sixth edition, has exhausted all its available numbers one more year, bringing together almost 3,000 participants in Montjuïc. On a sunny Sunday and good weather, two debutants in the race, Mohamed El Ghazouany (33’38) and Irene Batlle (39’57 ”) have won the victory with record included in male and female category and have enjoyed an appointment that offers a unique circuit, with changes of terrain, unevenness and up to 1,000 steps. One more year, the Olympic Stadium and Poble Espanyol have been protagonists and most participants have not hesitated to mark the passage through both places as two of the most special moments of the test.

With sun and good atmosphere, the Salomon Run has started at 9 in the morning next to the Font Màgica de Montjuïc. After overcoming a good ration of stairs on the way to the MNAC and climb, also, the Jean Forestier ride, the riders have entered the Olympic Stadium, a scenario that has left them speechless. They have taken a complete turn to a track that awakens magical memories and moves to the Games of ’92. “It is always very special to enter the stadium, you feel like you are a great athlete”, “I love to climb, so so much stairs at the beginning is perfect”, “it’s fun but hard” could be heard among runners who, afterwards, They have discovered at a good pace other points of the Olympic ring, such as the Palau Sant Jordi, the Telecommunications Tower, the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools or the INEFC. One more year, the test has also led them to visit the streets, squares and workshops of artisans from the Andalusia neighborhood in Poble Espanyol. “When passing through the Poble Espanyol I was distracted and I recovered air and sensations. It has been very entertaining and it has been very good because I was suffering because I knew I had the second one very close, “explained Irene Batlle (39’57 ”), winner in the women’s category after beating Silvia Segura by just 2 ”. goal. The male champion, Mohamed El Ghazouany (33’38) has set a strong pace from the start and has distanced himself quickly from his pursuers, Francisco Macía and Roberto Garay. “I am very happy, it has been a demanding race, with very strong riders but I have enjoyed a lot,” said El Ghazouany.

In its sixth year of life, the Salomon Run has already established itself as a special event, different and full of fun and adventure: with ups and downs, stretches of asphalt and vegetation, views of Barcelona, ​​the most recondite paths of Montjuïc. .. and more than 1,000 steps in a circuit that the runners have culminated in a finish line located next to the Font Màgica. Thus, until 10:30 in the morning, the almost 3,000 participants who have put on the bib with different objectives in mind, but with one shared: having fun, running and discovering Montjuïc with the sneakers, have arrived at the end of the 10 kilometers. run.

Salomon Run Vertical: pure show

After the arrival of the last participants, the good atmosphere of the 10km test has been transferred to the third edition of the Salomon Run Vertical. A little more than 50 steps, those that go up to the MNAC, have put to the test the explosiveness and power of the participants in several qualifiers. Thus, round by round, have been defined 4 men and 4 women and a great final, where Nil Llarden and Alba Manzano have left the skin and have been the fastest in the vertical sprint. “It has been very exciting. In the final, before leaving, I felt a bit insecure but when listening to people cheering, shouting my name … I came up and I gave everything, “explained Manzano. Dozens of people have been placed on both sides of the stairs to applaud and cheer on the runners and have enjoyed the show of the participants and, especially, with tight endings that have been decided by millimeters.

The Salomon Run collaborates with the Guttman Institute

In this edition, Salomon has joined the Guttman Institute to help start new lives contributing to the neurorehabilitation of people with an injury of neurological origin. Thus, more than 50% of the participants have joined the cause and have contributed a euro in solidarity at the time of registration for the test. In addition, throughout the weekend, T-shirts, jerrycans and umbrellas have been sold at the Salomon stand to join the Guttman Institute project