Brompton Electric Launches in Spain

Brompton Electric Launches in Spain

Brompton Electric Launches in Spain

Brompton’s new e-bike makes debut in southern Europe

Brompton Bicycle, the manufacturer of the iconic folding bike, today announces the launch of the highly anticipated and award-winning Brompton Electric in Spain. After a successful roll-out in the UK and selected countries in Northern Europe, the new e-bike from Brompton goes on sale in Spain.

As urban populations continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, there are increasing pressures on infrastructure, physical and mental health. The Brompton Electric is made for cities, providing a smart solution to challenges that living in a city like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville or Valencia presents. Portable and lightweight it allows the user to take it with them anywhere they go, encouraging inter-modal journeys and acting as the most effective theft prevention method. The simple fold also solves storage issues in small apartments, with a Brompton being able to fold down to a third of its size.

The Brompton Electric is the most compact and integrated e-bike on the market. The battery comes within a purpose made, compact bag, which seamlessly clips onto the front of the bike and can be just as easily unclipped. It’s simple to carry both the bag and bike separately and you can also charge other devices from the battery whilst on the move, such as a phone, tablet or even a laptop. The Brompton Electric is also Bluetooth enabled and smartphone app is currently in development, to give users the fully connected experience as well as providing data and insight from their journey history1.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO, Brompton Bicycle

‘It’s been important to address the specific needs of the bike loving community in Spain, which is a really important and much-loved territory for Brompton. We understand the issues of not wanting to leave a valuable e-bike outside on the street, so we’ve strived to create the most versatile offering on the market. Brompton appreciates urban-dwellers like to be able to take their bike around the city easily as well as wanting to use it explore at the weekends. We believe we have created a product that will inspire more people to get out from under the ground, out of their cars, off their smoky scooters and back onto a bike to rediscover their cities. With the Brompton Electric you feel you have a tailwind behind you all day, it is so much fun and a bit cheeky to whizz up hills, nip off at the lights ahead of everyone else.”

Professional engineering

In designing the Brompton Electric, Brompton have teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering, the engineering and technology business of the Williams Group, which includes F1 Williams Martini Racing, combining technical expertise to develop a motor to meet the complex demands of a folding bike. Attention to quality is part of Brompton’s DNA, and this in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering has enabled the company to produce its most technically advanced bike yet.

The bike will be available with an M or H type handlebar, 2 or 6 speed in white or black. Prices start at €2995. For customers unable to attend the show, Brompton Electric demo bikes will be available in selected stores for Summer 2018.