Clàudia Galicia champion for the fifth time of the Rioja Bike Race

Clàudia Galicia champion for the fifth time of the Rioja Bike Race

Clàudia Galicia champion for the fifth time of the Rioja Bike Race

After starting the season of MTB with a first place in the Catalan Cup of International BTT of the Vall de Lord and in the test of XCO / UCI C1 held in Montjuïc last weekend, today Clàudia Galicia has been proclaimed champion in La Rioja Bike Race, the first stage race of the season. The Torelló biker accumulates five consecutive victories in this test in which she is already at home.

“In the first and last stage I had very good sensations, on the other hand the last kilometers of the second one became very long and I was caught by the Norwegian Hovdenak, which I could not continue”, summed up Galícia. “I am very happy to win for the fifth time this race in which the mood of the people makes me feel very comfortable, it is a test that I really like,” he said.

The Rioja Bike Race is one of the legendary races of the calendar, formed by three stages that total 184 km away with almost 5,000 m of accumulated altitude. The event, which this year has beaten record of participants with 1233 registered from 22 countries, starts and ends in Logroño and passes through the mountains of Moncalvillo and Camero with a route full of trails, landscapes and ascents.

Stage 1: dominating from the beginning

In the first stage of 67.2 km and 2,079 meters of ascension Galicia led at all times, taking advantage of the descents to gain distance from their rivals and stopping the time in 3:22:55. The route began with a few kilometers of ascent between vineyards to Clavijo and followed by Trevijano, Luezas and the mountains of Nalda along trails and meadows.

Stage 2: second place in the queen stage

In the queen stage of the race with 65.4 km and 2.178 meters of ascent, Galicia took second place when, with 10 km to go, it was overtaken by the Norwegian Hildegunn Hovdenak. “The last hour and a half of the stage was very long, I suffered a lot, Hovdenak caught me in the last kilometers and I was not able to follow it,” he declared.

Still managed to maintain a margin of 7 minutes in the general classification, crossing the finish line at 3:28:47. The route, hard and intense, included the demanding climb to Moncalvillo, the emblematic stretch of descent of La Hermedaña and a final loop for the peak of the Eagle, between slides, tracks and horseshoe curves.

Stage 3: sweet end and fifth victory

In an unprecedented stage of 51.2 km and 686 meters of ascent, the least uneven, Galicia came first to finish in 2:01:55, crowned champion for the fifth time of this test. A stage near Logroño that passed by broken and broken roads with ascent to Mount Candorras where the Catalan felt very comfortable.

This victory gives Galicia the first place on the podium in a race that has seen her win five times. The second place went to the Norwegian Hildegunn Hovdenak and the bronze medal to Clara Fernández. In this way, Galicia maintains its idyll with the Rioja Bike Race, a race in which it feels like home.

The next meeting in Galicia will be next weekend in Albstadt, Germany, for the MTB World Cup.