Registration for the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord opens on November 13

Registration for the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord opens on November 13

Registration for the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord
opens on November 13

With the 10th anniversary still a recent memory, the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord 2019 is already gearing up and ready to register more than 3,000 applicants for the five race and two popular hikes, one of which, the Tamarro, is this year’s novelty.

From July 16 to 21 Andorra will once again be the focus of some of the world’s most important trail running events. The spectacular mountains and landscapes, the warmth of the people of Ordino and the values of solidarity and personal triumph bring runners from more than 50 countries back year after year. Last year, the regulars from France, the UK and Spain were joined by runners from Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand.

The Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord continues to grow with races over various distances for every type of runner.

Five races and two hikes: Euforia becomes a fixture and the Tamarro is born

Euforia, the longest event in the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord, is probably the hardest but also the most special. 150 pairs can register to cover the 233km and 20,000m of overall ascent in a race that takes in the country’s most spectacular crests and peaks. Companionship and mutual support make it a unique race in which, although the course is marked, the runners are constantly tracked via GPS. In its third year, Euforia has earned its place and last year 61% of pairs finished a great adventure that puts even the bravest to the test.

The Ronda dels Cims, run over 170km and 13,500m of overall ascent, continues to be the jewel in the crown and there are 450 places available. This year the life camp is at the Pas de la Casa (km 130) and has been modified to make the runners more comfortable. The course, which covers various terrains, includes the country’s highest point, the Pico del Comapedrosa at 2,942m.

The Mític, 112km and 9,700m of overall ascent, has also moved its life base from Bordes de Envalira to Grau Roig to make runners more comfortable. There are 500 numbers available for this race through Andorra’s wildest landscapes.

The fourth and last long-distance race is the Celestrail, over 83km and 5,000m of overall ascent and there are 500 number available for anyone who wants to enjoy this wild and demanding 50-mile race, ideal for novices in the world of ultras.

The Marató dels Cims is the race with the most places available, 750, for the popular race over 42.5km and 3,000m of overall ascent through the dreamlike landscape of the northern valleys of Andorra.

The Solidaritrail is the popular fundraising hike over 10km and 750m of overall ascent suitable for everyone, including those with disabilities. There are 700 race numbers and it is aimed at anyone who loves nature and wants to have a good time. This year those under 18 will be timed and can win prizes. The race will also be run at the same time in another country as was the case last year with Bolivia to support people with health and financial problems and at risk of social exclusion. This year’s registration fees will all go to NGOs that Solidaritails organise around the world.

This year the Solidaritrail will have a little sister, the Tamarro, over 2.5km and 50m of overall ascent for the smallest children, also to raise funds, and will be held on Saturday morning.

As well as the spirit of personal triumph and the spectacular Andorra mountains, solidarity is a key element and everyone who registers can make a donation to one of the three associations on the form. The organisation will also donate €4 for every finisher in the various events.

Last year’s event raised €6,000 which was donated to three charities: Cooperand, ASL and Oxfam Intermon. Since 2009, when the event began, total donations have reached €44,000.

An event of great importance for Andorra

The Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is of enormous importance for the Pyrenean country and has a significant economic impact. Last year more than 5,000 people from around the world came to Andorra, either as participants or companions. This translated into more than 20,000 overnight stays and €2.5 million.

With the aim of repeating its success, the organisers are counting on the essential support of sponsors, more than 400 volunteers, and health and safety workers who work to ensure that the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is an event to remember.