July 2016


Stian Angermund dazzles in Skyrunner World Championships

By | Projects | Jul 25 2016

El noruego de Salomon logra un doblete en Kilómetro Vertical y Skymarathon y se convierte en el gran protagonista de los Skyrunner World Championships celebrados en la Vall de Boí. Oihana Kortazar acaba en una meritoria quinta posición en la prueba de Skymarathon, justo por detrás de la atleta de Salomon Ida Nilsson

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Kilian Jornet is first to kiss the Hardrock for third year running in a victory shared with Jason Schlarb

By | Athletes | Jul 23 2016

Kilian Jornet and the local runner Jason Schlarb decided to cross the line together and be the first to kiss the cherished Hardrock. “In long-distance runs the most important thing is the journey, discovering and sharing moments and feelings with nature, with the volunteers and the other runners. After running together for nearly 23 hours, it makes no sense to win by one or five minutes.”, said Jornet

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Eufòria, the new 233-kilometre challenge in the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord

By | Events | Jul 21 2016

If the 17th of July saw record numbers of participants at the end of the eighth Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord, in 2017 it is adding another event that will test even further competitors’ spirit of pushing themselves to the limit. It’s the Eufòria, a 233-kilometre adventure with an accumulated ascent of 20,000m, the latest member of the family made up of the Ronda dels Cims (170km and 13,500m ascent), the Mític (112km and 9,700m), the Celestrail (83km and 5,000m), the Marató dels Cims (42,5km and 3,000m D) and the Solidaritrail (10km and 750m).

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An historic Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord

By | Events | Jul 18 2016

The eighth staging of the event ends with a record attendance and number of countries represented. The Solidaritrail was held on Sunday while runners from the other four events crossed the finishing line. More than 400 volunteers have given the best possible help to the runners

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